Tuscaloosa, Alabama Police misconduct. 3 Viewpoints!

John Storer’s Police Video

Tuscaloosa, Alabama Police misconduct. 3 Viewpoints!

November 8th, 2015: Police rip 2 males and a female from an apartment following a noise complaint. Police grab one man, then another who has his hands up for no obvious reason. These are 3 of the viewpoints we have put into one video. It really shows the brutality of this altercation.

I am not here to badmouth police officers. I know many of them who are great people, and I typicaly take their side because of the incredible amount of stress that goes on in their daily routines, plus the danger they are constantly in. This though, is absolutely ridiculous.

These videos are not my property I took them and created this multi view video. All rights are property of their original owners.

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