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⚠️WARNING: ⚠️📋 PBM Police Write-up: DALLAS, TX — In the past seven years, the City of Dallas has spent more than $10.8 million to settle lawsuits against Dallas police officers. Dallas faces millions of dollars more in potential payouts to settle dozens of unresolved claims.

Dallas Police Department has a history of bad policing! If you are one of those people who support bad policing and don’t really care about the people being hurt and killed by the police, here’s a question for you — Are YOU, the taxpayers, really okay spending your hard earned money on bad policing?

We, the taxpayers, have paid over a $BILLION$ dollars in hard earned taxpaying dollars! If you don’t care about the people being victimized by the police because they don’t look like you or you have never been a victim of police brutality yourself; do you care, just a little bit, that most of the victims usually end up receiving a BIG settlement that YOU the taxpayers pay. Yes, it’s YOUR money that pays for bad policing!!

Let’s take a look and see how Dallas police makes its contribution towards the $BILLION$ of dollars of taxpayers hard earned money for bad policing:

Officer Amy Wilburn shot an UNARMED 19-year-old Kelvion Walker. A star witness, Scotty Smith testified Kelvion was sitting in a vehicle with both of his hands raised up in the air for eight-to-nine seconds, before being shot by Wilburn. Kelvion underwent three life-saving operations after the shooting, and remains physically and emotionally scarred from the incident. Kelvion has racked up more than $300,000 in medical bills as a result of being shot in the stomach. He is seeking reimbursement for his medical bills along with damages in his civil suit which a hung jury resulted in the mistrial.

* Officer Amy Wilburn was indicted on felony aggravated assault charges and faced a possibility of life in prison.
* Officer Wilburn pleaded guilty and received 18-months of deferred probation and had her law enforcement certification stripped from her.
* Her legal fees are being borne by the City of Dallas which is estimated to be $725,000. A private law firm, Fanning Harper Martinson Brandt & Kutchin PC, is engaged to defend her. The city is reported to have exhausted $640,000, in her defense.
* The city council also approved an additional $150,000 to be spent on legal fees in connection to the civil lawsuit filed by Walker.
* Kelvion Walker is currently suing former officer Amy Wiburn and the City of Dallas for over $10 million dollars.

Again, YOU — the taxpayers, have already paid for Wilburn’s legal fees. Another trial is set and YOU will pay for that as well. Let’s not forget, YOU will also be cutting another BIG check to the victim, Kelvion.

So Again, Are YOU — the taxpayers, really okay spending your hard earned money on bad policing?

Let’s take another look and see how Dallas Police Department makes its contribution towards the $BILLION$ of dollars of taxpayers hard earned money for bad policing:

Cardan Spencer wrote in a police report that 52-year-old Bobby Gerald Bennett threatened him and another officer with a knife when Spencer fired his gun at him. But video captured by a neighbor’s camera shows Bennett didn’t appear to move toward the officers at all until he crumpled to the ground from a gunshot. Bennett’s mother, Joyce Jackson, says her son suffers from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

* A Dallas County grand jury indicted Spencer for aggravated assault by a public servant.
* Spencer’s guilty plea was to the lesser charge of attempted deadly conduct. As part of the deal, Spencer also turned over his Texas peace officer license, according to court records.
* Bobby Bennett was charged with aggravated assault against a public servant. The count was later dropped. He received a $1.6 million civil settlement.

So AGAIN, bad cop supporters, are YOU okay with how the police spends YOUR hard earned money?!! Let’s talk about it! Joe Ested, Law Enforcement Analyst

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