Linden Cameron Full Body Camera Video Shows No Justification

Linden Cameron Full Body Camera Video Shows No Justification

The full body camera footage of the Linden Cameron footage was released today and can be viewed below. There can be no other interpretation of this footage than to say that a yet to be named Salt Lake City Police officer fired more than 10 shots at an unarmed 13 year old autistic boy just because he didn’t get on the ground. Another angle can be seen at where you can see that Linden made no threatening moves whatsoever towards this cop. Watch the footage and judge for yourself.

As we previously covered ( Linden’s mother had called the 911 seeking help for her autistic son during a mental health crisis. She told officers that he was unarmed, and as you can see from the hospital pictures, he looks younger than he really is. Linden can be heard in the body cam footage saying “I don’t feel good, I don’t feel good” as he lay on the ground in agony. He

We can think of no justifiable reason to empty an entire clip into anyone, let alone a 13 year old autistic child, just because they refuse to get on the ground. The officer is on paid administrative leave and has not been fired. We can think of no justifiable reason why this officer has not been fired and charged with attempted murder.

Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown gave a statement today ( in which he said “as a father of three young sons this has had a big impact on me personally.” He then went on to talk about America’s mental health crisis, emphasized the importance of learning from this, and growing as an organization, but he was silent as to the status of the officer that shot Linden. He has not named him or announced any disciplinary actions against him at all. That is why we posted Chief Brown’s personal contact information shortly after the shooting because he is treating this like all law enforcement agencies treat cases they plan to justify later ( The handling of this case is eerily similar to the way authorities in Missouri have handled the murder of Hannah Fizer (

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Source: Linden Cameron Full Body Camera Video Shows No Justification

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