Derek Chauvin Released on Bail Pending Trial for George Floyd’s Murder

Derek Chauvin Released on Bail Pending Trial for George Floyd’s Murder

The former Minneapolis Police Officer that murdered George Floyd is now a free man. Derek Michael Chauvin posted a $1,000,000 bond this morning and went home. Hennepin County Jail records list his release address (pictured above) as 7517 17TH ST N, Oakdale, Minnesota 55128. However, the reporter in the video below say that the house in Oakdale was sold in September and that he would not be living there, so did he give the jail a fake release address or is that the address that the have the jail when booked and they have not updated it with his release address? We do not know at this time. We do know that Chauvin should be considered armed and extremely dangerous. Avoid at all costs unless very well prepared. We are listing his addresses because of the extreme indifference for human life that he has demonstrated. He is a danger to any community he is in. We ask that this information be used for non-violent purposes only. Please do not damage property or harm any people at that location.

Derek Chauvin also owns a vacation home in Florida at 7330 Brightland Street, Windermere, Florida 34786. Black Lives Matter picketed this location back in May shortly after the murder of George Floyd. Public records indicate that Chauvin’s estranged wife, former Mrs. Minnesota Kellie Chauvin currently resides there, probably as part of their separation and pending divorce. If you protest there please leave here alone.

Derek Chauvin has also been linked to a residence at 3172 Frontier Drive, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55129 as recently as earlier this year. We do not know what connection if any that he has with the place at present. We stress that we do not know if he has anything to do with this address, so absent confirmation of his presence we ask that people don’t do anything there beyond surveillance for the limited purpose of determining if Chauvin is there.

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Source: Derek Chauvin Released on Bail Pending Trial for George Floyd’s Murder

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