Aisha Yesufu dey wear hijab protest SARS Nigeria and …

Aisha Yesufu dey wear hijab protest SARS Nigeria and …

Aisha Yesufa

Aisha Yesufu don explain to BBC why she dey wear hijab protest SARS Nigeria and police brutality.

Aisha wey be Nigerian activist say her sister na di first to call her to say she look like thug and dem come laugh after her pishure become di most iconic for di endSARS protests wey envelope Nigeria in recent days.

According to Aisha wey chat with BBC, before dem take di pishure she bin dey siddon for back of di young protesters before she see say some police pipo wan open eye for dem.

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“My sister na di first to call after di pishure go viral and she yan say u look like Yan daba (thug in Hausa language) and i tell her say of course, i remember my days for Kwana Hudu area of Kano wia we dey do Chau Chau Chau ( thug greetings in northern Nigeria) me and her come laugh.”

“Well, about wetin happun for dat pishure, at first i siddon for back because my intention na to allow dis our young protesters to lead us but as i see say some police pipo wan open eye na why i comot enter front to show dem say we mean business, na dia di pishure happun.”

Aisha Yesufa

Di microbiology graduate wey dem born for Edo state for south south Nigeria also yan say no be today her children begin join her to protest even though her husband no be dat kain pesin as e no like limelight.

“No be today my children begin join me to protest, when dem Kidnap Chibok girls in 2015 my daughter bin dey 12 years and my son 15 years and dem follow join protest dat time but my husband na pesin wey no like limelight so dis kain thing no be for am.”

On why she dey always wear Hijab even to protest, she yan say na because her religion instruct her like that.

Nigeria police SARS Abuja , Lagos protest live updates

“Islam wey i dey practice instruct women to cover everywhere except face and hands so dis na why i dey always on Hijab but dat wan no make me dey discriminate pesin wey no wear am, i dey relate with everybody as one, pesin wey wear and one wey no wear na all di same.” Dis na wetin Aisha tok.

Protests over police brutality dey continue for some parts of Nigeria despite say Inspector General of Police Mohammed Adamu announce on Saturday say e don comot di Special Anti Robbery Squad SARS wey many dey accuse of human rights abuses.

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