Good Cop or Bad Cop #2 Detroit, Mi – Aug 2013 – 2 Cops Fight with 2 Young men

NOLATAC’s Police Video

Good Cop or Bad Cop #2 Detroit, Mi – Aug 2013 – 2 Cops Fight with 2 Young men

So who was right and who was wrong?

1. Did the cops a have a right to even approach these citizens?

2. Did the young man have a right to push the police officer’s hands away from him?

3. Did the police have a right to use force in this incident?

4. Were the young men justified in defending themselves?

5. Was this an attempt to affect a lawful arrest, police brutality, or self-defense by the young men?

After a brawl with the police, two brothers are charged with assaulting officers but they say they’re the real victims and have the proof to prove it: the whole fight was caught on video. It all started when 20-year-old Tywonn Mitchell and Naybon Moore, 26, were driving to Grandy’s Coney Island back in May. They say that’s when Detroit Police began profiling them, tailing their car. The brothers pull into the restaurant and the police car backed away, so they thought everything was fine. But then the officers followed them into the Coney Island, and asked to see their IDs. The brothers asked to know what they had done wrong, (as you can hear in the video), both of them aware of their rights. One is studying criminal justice and the other is studying law. That’s when one of the brothers flipped his hands, and it turned into a full-on brawl. The brothers were taken into custody. Fast forward three months now, and they are charged with assault and battery on a police officer, obstruction of justice, and resisting arrest. But they claim, they are the real victims here.
Detroit Police Department tells us, when the incident happened the officers admitted they used force and a command level investigation was conducted.
The officers say when they were investigating inside the Coney Island, one of the officers extended his hand and asked one of the brothers to step back, but he slapped the officers hand in return. At that point the police officer responded with force.
The use of force was deemed appropriate and reasonable after intensive review of the video and interviewing the brothers.…

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