Celebrities, netizens denounce the government’s defense of …

Celebrities, netizens denounce the government’s defense of …

Days before the merriest day could come, because of a happy-trigger cop, a family mourns over the death of their mother and a brother.

Angel Locsin, Jennylyn Mercado, Vice Ganda posing for the camera

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Recently, news came out about a police officer gunning down a mother and her son in an altercation. In a video that surfaced online, Jonel Nuezca, the suspect, argued with Sonya and Frank Anthony Gregorio. Nuezca, the police carried a gun, and based on the video–he never hesitated to shoot the two.

DJ Chacha also shared Mercado’s sentiments after she watched the video, and she also asked the same question whether if Filipinos are safe in their own country or not.

The supposedly isolated case tactic the government is trying to hold on to is one-sided. As for Bayan Muna Representative Ferdinand Gaite, it was unfair that activists are being red-tagged by the government–making the act of one is the act of all. Yet, when it comes to their officer, it is an isolated incident of police brutality.

The experience that the Gregorio family went through is traumatizing. When ‘It’s Showtime’ host Vice Ganda saw the video, the memory of having to see a loved one shot at came rushing back.

Bianca Gonzales emphasized the killings done by those who were supposed to protect Filipinos are somewhat becoming the norm. In her tweet, she wrote how she is frustrated about how these so-called keepers of peace could easily take two lives. If not a family member dared to record the altercation, the world would not know that such a crime occurred.

It was really not easy for people to see such crimes committed by law enforcers.

Another ‘It’s Showtime’ host, Teddy Corpuz wrote on his twitter his observation regarding how easy it is for people to take someone else’s life nowadays. The host was among those who were devastated upon hearing the violent news.

Some were looking for justice because of this brutal killing.

Actress Alessandra De Rossi asked for justice for those who have lost their lives because of an officer of the law is hot-headed.

The PNP’s motto is ‘to serve and to protect’. However, with the killings of innocent people by police officers, it seemed that they do not know what their oath is.

Angel Locsin on her Twitter page reminded the police what their motto is, which is to ‘serve and protect’ and that good cops should condemn the bad ones.

Agot Isidro also shared Angel’s sentiment over good cops who chose to be silent and not expose the rotten police officers. Isidro took a shady statement when she stressed that leadership is everything. The culture of ‘exemption from punishment’ is observed from the top-down.

With the rampant police killing of innocent civilians, some, (like actor Jason Abalos) don’t want to live in the country anymore.

Netizens denounce the killing committed by a member of the PNP and think that the branch of law enforcers is supposed to protect the Filipinos from harm, but they are the ones who will terrify the people.

Another Netizen is infuriated as police officers are becoming non-committal to their oath.

Jonel Nuezca, who fled after shooting Sonya and her son surrendered at the Rosales Pangasinan Municipal Police Station an hour after he committed such atrocity. He also surrendered his government-issued 9mm semi-auto pistol. He is facing two counts of murder. According to the police chief of Paniqui, the altercation between Nuezca and the Gregorios started because of a property right-of-way dispute. However, the shooting was a separate case as it stemmed after the Gregorios fired a PVC cannon or boga.

President Duterte told cops to carry their gun while being off-duty?

The incident where police shot two people in Tarlac was reported to be not on duty.

Police Colonel Renante Cabico confirmed such information stating that Nuezca was indeed off-duty on Sunday, December 20, and was spending his rest day in his residence in Tarlac. However, the reason that he was able to bring his firearm was because of Pres. Duterte’s order to carry firearms even during their rest days.

Cabico said in an interview with DZBB said, “Nagkaroon din ng directive sa atin mahal na Presidente noon na yung mga off-duty, they are allowed to carry their firearms.”

Back in 2017, the President wanted his soldiers and policemen to be armed during their periods of leisure to be able to protect themselves against armed communists.

“I am not in favor of the rule that you cannot bring your sidearm outside of your camp or residence. I will overrule that kind of regulations because it is stupid,” said Pres. Duterte back on July 18, 2017.

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Source: Celebrities, netizens denounce the government’s defense of …

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