Texas organizers call out police hypocrisy at Capitol

Texas organizers call out police hypocrisy at Capitol

Whether you’ve attended in person or watched on television, the differences between majority white President Donald Trump supporters breaching the Capitol and Black people protesting racial injustice and police brutality were apparent — including right here in Texas.

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“It just took my breath away,” Carvell Bowens with the Texas Organizing Project shared with Texas Tribune’s Jolie McCullough. “Not to say I wanted to see those people get hurt, but to be able to see how one side of America can do what they want to do while others who want to just stand up for their rights get downtrodden. It’s totally despicable.”

Bowens recalled being among nearly 700 people who were trapped on a bridge and arrested in Dallas last June while peacefully protesting the death of George Floyd, a former Third Ward resident who was killed in Minneapolis after a police officer knelt on his neck up for almost eight minutes.

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But on Capitol Hill Wednesday, officers offered light to no resistance against rioters storming the building. The Trump supporters then managed to take selfies with police officers, steal podiums and invade the offices of government officials — largely without consequence.

“If I and my Black friends, organizers, colleagues, were to try to do that, we wouldn’t have been able to get in,” said Durrel Douglas, co-founder of the Houston Justice Coalition, as reported by McCullough. “We would have been shot had we passed the police barriers.”

Houston activist and rapper Trae the Truth also made note of the obvious differences, sharing a photo to his Instagram page which depicted “TWO DIFFERENT AMERICAS.”

The top photo appears to show the rapper in handcuffs surrounded by police during a protest, an act that comes as no surprise if you’re familiar with the way he stands up for the community, especially Black Lives Matter, in times of need.

In the bottom photo, Trump supporters can be seen waving “Make America Great Again” flags while raiding the Capitol — and there are no police in sight.

John Eligon with the New York Times reported that Capitol police said they weren’t prepared and overwhelmed by the pro-Trump mob, and that’s why the response was so different — but people of color are having a hard time believing that. And rightfully so.

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Source: Texas organizers call out police hypocrisy at Capitol

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