Police brutality an attack on Constitutional democracy …

Police brutality an attack on Constitutional democracy …

Nadel express shock and horror at Worcester police brutality and labels same as attack on South Africa’s Constitutional democracy

23 January 2021

The National Association of Democratic Lawyers (NADEL) is appalled at the police brutality which was displayed in a video which circulated on social media platforms during the course of this week.  The video shows police officers, who were later identified as belonging to the Anti-Gang Unit in Worcester Cape Town, brutally slapping and sjamboking civilians. The action of the police not only amounts to a crime against the individuals concerned but a serious violation of their constitutional obligation.

Reports of police brutality are unfortunately not new to our society and during the lockdown, a time when our society was most vulnerable, we saw an increase in reports of Police Brutality, the “Worcester” incident however has to be one of the most gut wrenching. Police play an important and indispensable role in a constitutional democracy as they enforce laws and perform all functions as stated in Constitution. The proper functioning of the police service means that all people can enjoy a peaceable life with their constitutional rights protected.  Indispensable to proper functioning of Police officers is the public confidence in police services, reduced or diminished public trust will result in civilians not reporting crime or, in the worst case, taking the law into their own hands which will amount to anarchy.

It is for that reason that NADEL condemns, in the strongest possible form all police violence and calls same an attack on South Africa’s Constitutional Democracy.  No person granted power in terms of the constitution should be allowed to violate the constitution without any consequence. NADEL therefore calls for swift action against the police officers involved in the “Worcester assault” and the employment of proper training and other innovations in order to prevent abuse of power by police officers.  We request IPID and SAPS to provide a comprehensive plan of consequence management and prevention strategies, both of which should be effectively implemented and monitored.  We also call upon the Parliamentary portfolio committee on Police to keep the SAPS great scrutiny to prevent police brutality, ensure that police force is strengthened and restore the public trust in police services.

Issued by Nolitha Jai, National Secretary General, The Office of the NADEL National Secretariat, 23 January 2021

Published at Sun, 24 Jan 2021 06:42:00 +0000


Source: Police brutality an attack on Constitutional democracy …

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