Police Brutality In Ibadan As Officers Maltreat Witnesses …

Police Brutality In Ibadan As Officers Maltreat Witnesses …

Police Brutality in Ibadan as Officers maltreat witnesses, free criminal

Not much has been heard about police brutality in a while but a recent development in the ancient city of Ibadan feels like a re-awakening of the illicit acts of some police officers.

The ugly incident occurred on October 11, 2019 at Anfani College Cresent, T-Junction, during an armed robbery attack that saw a victim shot and a motorcycle almost stolen if not for the bravery of the victim.

According to the witness, a woman, two armed robbers tried to forcefully hijack a motorcycle from the owner who happened to be an hausa man and in the process, he got shot but was able to hold one of the armed robbers down before people in the neighborhood came out to beat the armed robber after hearing the groaning of the victim.

However, it wasn’t too long before the police officers, namely, Hamzat and Victor, from Orita police station in Ibadan arrived the scene to intervene but to the surprise of all, instead of resolving the issue by making the necessary arrests, having seen a proof, reverse was the case as a tenant who knew nothing about the case was arrested, beaten, alongside his wife, who is one of the witness, and freeing the armed robber.

In her words ‘My husband wasn’t around during the incident , he traveled to a party and he asked about what happened which i briefed him about.

While explaining, the police came, packed in front of our house and asked of the landlord. My husband replied and told them the landlord doesn’t stay in the house.

Immediately he responded, the pounced on him, beat him, tore the cloth he wore and arrested him.

I couldn’t bear it and had to ask them to stop maltreating my husband, i got beaten in the process of intervening, my cloth was torn, my eyes almost got blind and my gold chain is still missing”

As at the time of filing this report, efforts to talk to the DPO, Mr Akinmoladun has proven abortive.

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Source: Police Brutality In Ibadan As Officers Maltreat Witnesses …

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