December 28, 2019
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"Pitchess Motions" (to get police misconduct records)

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"Pitchess Motions" (to get police misconduct records)

More info at Here, we explain how to use a pitchess motion to get police personnel records and discover a history of misconduct. These can be useful in fighting criminal charges and ultimately getting cases dismissed.

A pitchess motion is made by the criminal defense lawyer during the pretrial phase of a misdemeanor or felony case. The pitchess motion is an effort to determine whether the police officers in the case have a history of complaints for police misconduct. This can include committing perjury, filing false reports, planting evidence, excessive force, police brutality, and racial profiling and discrimination.

Discovering a history of police misconduct can often persuade the district attorney to reduce or dismiss criminal charges. It can also help the criminal defense lawyer to obtain a not guilty verdict and an acquittal at jury trial.

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