December 30, 2019
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Reporting Police Misconduct in Victoria

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Reporting Police Misconduct in Victoria

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Reports of police misconduct in Victoria can be made against officers in the police force as well as protective service officers (PSOs), public service employees of Victoria Police who work in administrative and professional roles, and police officers in training.

Police misconduct in Victoria is defined in the Victoria Police Act 2013 and the IBACA to include:

* the failure or refusal to perform duties
* behaving disgracefully or improperly whether on or off duty
* discrediting Victoria Police
* lessening public confidence in Victoria Police, or
* committing an offence which carries a jail term.

When making a complaint, please ensure you include all known details, such as:
* your name and contact details
* the name or names of any officer(s) or associated persons involved and their station
* the names of any witnesses and their contact details
* where and when the incident occurred
* what happened – try to give as much detail as possible
* any photos or documents you have to support your complaint, like photos of your injuries or invoices for damage
* the result you want from your complaint, such as an apology or reimbursement for damage.

Make sure you sign your complaint if you are putting it in writing and keep a copy of it.

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