Cop accused of drooling over “total stripper” during arrest

Cop accused of drooling over “total stripper” during arrest

While it’s getting colder in New York City, there’s an NYPD officer who’s potentially in some hot water, and we’re not talking about a jacuzzi. 

Police officer John Mascetti has been accused of gawking at a young woman he described as a “total stripper” following her drunk driving arrest. According to defense lawyer Mark Bederow, who’s representing the young woman, it’s the body cam footage that carries the alleged ogling, and other detailed egregious acts, against the officer.

nypd cop drools over "total stripper"

An NYPD officer is in hot water after allegedly ogling an attractive woman during her arrest for DUI. (NYPD/Facebook)

Mark Bederow revealed to reporters that his client, 26-year-old Yael Glantz, was subjected to humiliating treatment at the hands of Officer Mascetti after a DUI arrest. Bederow is referring to footage, which has not yet been released to the public, that was obtained from the DA’s office regarding the traffic stop, arrest and subsequent transfer to the Manhattan’s 7th Precinct stationhouse. The court papers allege some seriously uncool conduct.

In a letter to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, Bederow wrote, “At 33:11 of his body camera video, Mascetti makes faces and shakes his head at Ms. Glantz, who remained oblivious to his sophomoric behavior. A few seconds later (while he is at the copying machine), Mascetti appears to look at Ms. Glantz’s rear end, raise his eyebrows and laugh.”

It’s unclear how the officer’s body cam caught those actions, and without a public release it’s difficult to see if there’s any real weight to the accusations.

What we do know is that the incident began when Mascetti, a member of the NYPD’s Citywide Traffic Task Force, stopped Glantz for a suspected DUI. According to Bederow’s account from Glantz and his examination of the footage, Glantz was behind the wheel of a black Mercedes-Benz 350 SUV at the corner of East 34th Street and Fifth Avenue around 2:50 a.m. on August 8.

Bederow’s complaint to the court stated that at the scene, body cam footage shows Mascetti’s “growing frustration” with Glantz as she “unsuccessfully” tried to take breathalyzer. After failed attempts at the test, Bederow’s letter to the courts said, “After the third attempt, Mascetti warned Ms. Glantz that this was her ‘last chance’ and that if she didn’t take the test properly, he would arrest her. After Ms. Glantz’ fourth unsuccessful attempt, Mascetti immediately arrested her.”

Despite that sequence of events that was provided by the defense attorney, Mascetti report had allegedly falsely-claimed that Glantz “blew a .15” during the field sobriety test. Glantz’s attorney thinks it was to “exaggerate the state of the evidence against her,” according to the complaint.

The complaint didn’t stop at gawking and false reports either. Right after cuffinh Glantz, Mascetti allegedly exchanged a series of texts with another cop, identified only as “HC.”

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Bederow’s complaint detailed that event as follows:

“Apparently unaware that his partner’s body camera captured their messages, Mascetti referred to Ms. Glantz as a ‘bitch’ and claimed that she ‘jerked the machine off. I got pissed and cuffed her. I hate her.”

According to the described message exchange, Mascetti also told HC that Glantz was a “total stripper” and a “blonde Russian,” to which “HC then asked Mascetti to text him a picture of Ms. Glantz,” Bederow wrote.

According to the defense attorney, if there are unauthorized photos of his client while she was in custody, he wants them all deleted.

“We demand any and all copies of any such photos, documentation of where they came from and to whom they were disseminated, and proof that they have been deleted from Mascetti’s, ‘HC’s,’ or anyone else’s devices.”

Glantz is charged with driving while intoxicated and driving while ability impaired. In the second of Bederow’s letters to the DA’s office, he stated that based upon the allegations, the case “should result in the swift dismissal of all charges against Ms. Glantz.”

In the criminal complaint filed against Glantz, Officer Mascetti wrote, “I advised the defendant of her rights regarding the taking of a test to determine how much alcohol was in her blood and the defendant refused to take the test.”

Jinah Roe, the prosecutor handling the case against Glantz, was thanked by Bederow “for confirming that you have commenced an investigation into the allegations raised in my November 6 letter.”

The officer alleged to have acted unprofessionally and falsified reports simply stated, “I have no comment” when reached out to by the New York Post.

The DA’s office has not commented on the allegations, but the NYPD did confirm that they were looking into the accusations.

Officer Mascetti’s, who resides in Long Island, is a 12-year NYPD veteran. He’s married and also a father of four kids, a boy and three girls.

Neighbors who know him spoke highly of the officer.

“He is a great neighbor and father, always involved with his kids and coaching. He goes to all his kids’ games,” one said.

“All I know is he’s a family man and I can’t find any flaw in that,” said another.

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Source: Cop accused of drooling over “total stripper” during arrest

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