Humble Texas – Police Misconduct

James Breazeale’s Police Video

Humble Texas – Police Misconduct

I was returning to work recently, when I encountered a Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy blocking the driveway of my job. He was in his patrol car with the door open. I blew my horn to get him to close his car door and allow me to pass. I was arrested and spent 27 hours in jail. I was officially charged with a Class B Misdemeanor of “Interfering with a public servant”. The Deputy LIED to DA’s Office about my actions, in order to attain my arrest. He claimed I was confrontational and tried to run him down with my automobile!

When I returned to work the following week, I noticed the security camera aimed at the drive area. My boss gave me a copy of the video footage for my criminal defense. The ADA viewed this video and the judge dismissed the case against me. I want the Deputy indicted for Official Oppression!

Posting this video was actually a recommendation, by a veteran civil rights attorneys. He believed, as do I, that bad police officers should be exposed and forced to answer for their actions! Another attorney told me that a young officer may get away with something minor, (like this) and it could lead to more volatile behavior in the future. This video is posted as a public service, and as a warning to rogue law enforcement.

Update: It took 7 months, but the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Internal Affairs Bureau, concluded there investigation of Deputy Meek and Sgt. Theis. ( the supervisor that tried to coerce a confession from me) The disciplinary committee EXONERATED both officers. Isn’t it strange? I thought Justice was supposed to be blind NOT the officers that investigate crime!! There decision didn’t really surprise me. After seeing the Harris County law enforcement system up close, it is obvious they protect there own through any means possible. Maybe they should change their name to Harass County! I am ashamed to be from Harris County and proud to be a resident of neighboring Montgomery County for the past 27 years. At least my property taxes don’t support Deputy Meek, Sgt Theis, Sheriff Adrian Garcia and the Jack booted Gestapo they have created!!

Further Update: October 8, 2014- Someone has filed a complaint against me through You Tube, about the uploaded comments attached to my arrest video. Apparently, they believe the posted comments, contain their personal information. These comments and the video are all public record. To date,the video has been evidence in 2 legal proceedings and a network television news broadcast.

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