Castro on curbing police brutality: ‘Police violence is …

Castro on curbing police brutality: ‘Police violence is …

Julian Castro touted his policies to curb gun violence in an op-ed about why he hasn’t quit his presidential bid, despite not qualifying for the next Democratic debate.

In the op-ed for Shondaland, Castro explained which topics he would like to see Democrats address from the debate stage on Wednesday night while he is watching from the sidelines. Castro argued that he is “a little different” from the rest of the candidates in that he is willing to back controversial ideas, including his call to decriminalize illegal border crossings.

“We’ve been bold in the pursuit of justice and fearless in the fight for progress. We’ve put front and center the challenges and aspirations of the most marginalized communities and most vulnerable people,” Castro wrote. “I haven’t been afraid to use my voice to lift up people who have been left out.”

He highlighted his willingness to speak out against police brutality and to say the names of individuals who had officer-involved deaths. Castro advocated for demilitarizing the police by banning them from buying equipment from the federal government, including high-caliber rifles.

“I’m the only candidate with a stand-alone plan to reform policing, and why I don’t hesitate to say the names of victims,” Castro said. “Police violence is gun violence too, and we must speak out for black and brown people who often don’t have an effective first chance at life.”

Castro explained that he doesn’t believe his campaign is over even though he is not one of the 10 candidates to qualify for November’s Democratic debate. He wrote, “I won’t be on that debate stage tonight, but I will always elevate the voices of vulnerable people, and I know that we’ll be back.”

Castro, 45, delivered fiery debate performances early in the campaign, including his controversial jab at former Vice President Joe Biden over his ability to remember policies. The candidate’s determination to remain in the race is a change from his position in October. Castro qualified for the October debate, but he had threatened to drop out days before the qualification deadline to urge people to donate.

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Source: Castro on curbing police brutality: ‘Police violence is …

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