Police Officers Involved In Misconduct Prosecuted

TTT Live Online’s Police Video

Police Officers Involved In Misconduct Prosecuted

An estimated 170 police officers have been prosecuted by the Professional Standards Bureau (PSB) of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service since 2011.

Speaking on TTT’s Now Show, Inspector Sheridon Hill explained reports against police are classified as criminal, civil, disciplinary, or lawful conduct.

He said allegations of criminal conduct are investigated by the PSB, while disciplinary matters are referred to the Police Complaints Division (PCD). Since the establishment of the PSB, the unit has received over 426 reports against police officers ranging from murder to minor assaults and obscene language.

Over the weekend, a video was posted to social media showing a police officer cursing and threatening a civilian during a routine stop. The incident happened at the corner of Charlotte and Queen Streets, Port of Spain. Senior police officers are now investigating that matter.

Inspector Hill says persons wishing to make a report against a police officer can call 625-3779 / 612-7392, or email PSB@ttps.gov.tt. However Inspector Hill says complainants must be willing to give evidence in court.

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