Video surfaces of Mexicali police brutality – KYMA

Video surfaces of Mexicali police brutality – KYMA


Warning: Footage contains violence

Courtesy: Tribuna de San Luis

A video went viral on Thursday, depicting police brutality in the Baja California city of Mexicali from March 2019.

Two policemen punching the victim dozens of times in the face, grabbing him by the neck, and proceed to punch the victim in the stomach.

The victim, Juan Manuel Elizande is already in handcuffs, seated in the patrol car when the video starts.

After the beating, he is hunched to his side, unable to defend himself.

Video shows the policemen steal money from Elizande’s pockets, which he says totaled seven thousand pesos, about 360 dollars.

In an interview, Elizande does admit he was inebriated. The footage also does not show what happened before the event.

The officers have been identified as Jorge Adrian Contreras and Alberto Landeros.

The officers— new patrols — did not know their patrol cars were equipped with cameras.

They have been reassigned to new positions where public contact is limited, and may be subject to further repercussions.

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Source: Video surfaces of Mexicali police brutality – KYMA

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