Teso wants police force name changed to police service

Teso wants police force name changed to police service

IGP Okoth Ochola and Director CID pose for a photo with the best performing detectives at a refresher course pass out in Kabalye

Soroti, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT  |  A number of people from Teso want the name of the Uganda Police Force changed to Uganda Police Service.

This follows Constitutional Amendments, 2019 proposals spearheaded by the opposition Members of Parliament. The team, recently in Soroti has triggered a debate on proposal, with many agreeing to the change. 

Legislators, from opposition parties are holding consultation meetings in different parts of the country argue that police brutality is meted on civilians because it is called a “force”, something they note is unfortunate. 

The legislators also argue that the word ‘force’ is attracting soldiers into police, that they note has been militarized. The proposal has widely been welcomed by different people in Teso who claim that the change will bring sanity to the police. 

The mandate of Uganda Police Force as provided in the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, and Uganda Police Force Act Cap 303; is protection of life and property, prevention and detection of crime, keeping law and order, and maintenance of overall Security and Public Safety in Uganda.

Peter Lochom, from Kumi district says the name given to the police is compelling police to act militarily. Lochom explains that police lose its meaning of protect and serve when it turns to brutalize citizens. 

Sous Peter Olinga, a resident of Kasilo in Serere district wants the amendment to restrict appointment of soldiers into police. He agrees to changing the name of the police force to police service. 

Stella Isodo, a politician from Ngora district says that changing of police force to police service will make police responsible and accountable to Ugandans. Isodo, who has no kind words for the police force notes that police service proposal is timely.

However, Moses Otekat, a resident of North Division in Soroti Municipality says changing the name doesn’t change the image of the police. He wants the amendment to instead focus on changing command of the police.

In 2014, former Inspector General of Police, Kale Kaiyura rebranded police to Uganda National Police following concerns of brutality in the police. Much as he said that the Uganda National Police name would be reflected in the Constitution, the changes are yet to take shape.



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Source: Teso wants police force name changed to police service

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