Investigation into alleged LI police brutality

Investigation into alleged LI police brutality

FREEPORT, L.I. — Long Island officials are calling for an investigation into alleged police brutality in Freeport.

The arrest of Akbar Rogers, 44, on East Seaman Avenue on December 3rd was caught on camera.

Bystander video showed Freeport police repeatedly punching Rogers and using a taser gun. They yelled for Rogers to stop resisting arrest. Rogers screamed for help and said he couldn’t breathe.

“It’s not an arrest. That is a gang attack,” son Rahquell Rogers said outside his home Thursday.

Rogers said the police department used excessive force when they arrested his father.

After viewing the video, Nassau County Executive Laura Curran said she requested the district attorney to investigate.

“What I do ask, is that we all remain calm and patient as this process happens,” Curran said.

The Nassau County District Attorney’s office said an investigation is under review.

Officials said Rogers was wanted for physical harassment and vehicle and traffic violations.

According to Freeport Village Attorney Howard Colton, Rogers “… refused multiple requests to surrender, kept reaching for his waistband and the officers, in order to protect themselves and the members of the community wrestled Mr. Rogers to the ground.”

Angelo Pinto, an attorney and activist, was helping the Rogers family after the arrest.

“It appeared that the officers were yelling things, kind of in defense of their actions. Not actually in response to a real threat,” he said.

The Freeport PBA was standing by the officers involved. Union President Shawn Randall said, “… it will be confirmed that our officers did their jobs in accordance with the law.”

A Spokesperson for the Village of Freeport said the five officers involved remain on duty.

Freeport’s mayor also asked for an investigation into the arrest. His son, a police officer, was involved.

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Source: Investigation into alleged LI police brutality

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