Hong Kong police to take ‘flexible’ approach to protests

Hong Kong police to take ‘flexible’ approach to protests

Hong Kong’s new police commissioner says his team will take a flexible approach when it comes to policing pro-democracy demonstrations Sunday.

Top cop Chris Tang told reporters in Beijing his officers would use ‘both the hard and soft” techniques in policing what’s expected to be a large crowd, Reuters reported.

“We will be stringent on illegal violent actions such as throwing of petrol bombs, acid,” he said. “For other issues, if possible, we will adopt a more flexible approach.”

Hong Kong has been wracked with pro-democracy protests for months, after city leader Carrie Lam introduced legislation to allow extraditions to China.

The group Civil Human Rights Front, which has held several peaceful demonstrations, was given a green light to demonstrate Sunday.

Other anti-government protests have sometimes turned violent as marchers demand universal suffrage and an investigation into alleged police brutality, among other things, from Chinese-ruled Hong Kong.

Published at Sat, 07 Dec 2019 07:01:00 +0000


Source: Hong Kong police to take ‘flexible’ approach to protests

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