Citizenship Act sir: Dalit activists condemn ‘police …

Citizenship Act sir: Dalit activists condemn ‘police …

NEW DELHI: A group of Dalit activists here on Saturday condemned police brutality against the protesters in Uttar Pradesh and urged those from the backward castes to participate in the protests against CAA as they “are going to be the next target of the government after Muslims”. In a presser, Sushil Gautam, a Dalit rights activist based in Meerut, UP, said that the police were tormenting those who voiced their opinions. 

“I was picked from my house for taking out a march against CAA on December 15 (by UP police). Later, they detained my father. When Dalits and Muslims seek permission to hold demonstrations, they don’t get permission. Regardless of Section 144, the ABVP and VHP can organise demonstrations.” He further said that the rights of Dalits were being exploited. “Why should a protester be killed? Only Dalit protesters are being killed.”

He stressed that CAA and the NRC were a step towards making India a Hindu Rashtra. “It is against the constitution as it grants citizenship based on religion. We also know what will be the status of Dalits and tribals in a Hindu Nation. It will be governed by rules of caste system.” Former journalist and activist Prashant Kanojia said the Centre was killing people using the state machinery. 

“They (protesters) are taking permission from the government to protest against the government. That’s an irony. A narrative is being built that protesters are spreading violence. Why is it that only BJP-led states are facing violence?” Kanojia asked, hinting that violence was being caused by the Central government.   
“Delhi Police should know that with protests taking place outside their headquarters, you are being projected as villains. Amit Shah is creating this image of yours,” he added.

According to Kanojia, “after religion becoming the basis of a law, caste will be next and then it will be language. Former JNUSU Secretary Ramanagar, said the government was looking at protesters with revenge. He raised questions against UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s statement on revenge. “Who gives him the right to speak like this?” Ramanagar said. 

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