Chief: Cop who hid while officer was shot and killed lied to get his job back in 2014

Chief: Cop who hid while officer was shot and killed lied to get his job back in 2014

He swore an oath to protect the community and his fellow officers. But after multiple instances of cowardice, Detroit police officials are working to conclude their investigation against Sergeant Ron Kidd and get him off the force for good. 

Sgt. Kidd is under investigation for his role in the death of 16-year police veteran Rasheen McClain, who was shot and killed during a fight with a domestic violence suspect at the end of November.

And authorities say that it’s not the first time Kidd’s cowardice has resulted in the injury or death of a fellow police officer.

Sgt. Kidd was previously fired from the force, but officials say he forged documents to get back in.

Officials say that while McClain went to confront a dangerous suspect with four other officers, Kidd stayed behind, claiming that he was supposed to wait by his cruiser in case the suspect tried to run away during the situation.

According to official reports, the officers were originally at the residence responding to a domestic call about a man who broke into his girlfriend’s home and was threatening family members with a loaded firearm.

When they arrived at the scene, they discovered victims outside the residence. They pointed officers in the right direction, saying the suspect was still inside the home with a gun. 

Sources indicate that the suspect, who police said had tactical type training, fired upon the officers with a high-powered rifle as they were clearing the home searching for him. It is reported that the officers were shot as they headed down the stairs into the basement of the home.

McClain was shot in the neck and died from the injuries.

Officer Rasheen McClain

Officer Rasheen McClain

Police additionally said that the suspect had a “lengthy” criminal history – and had just recently been released from prison and was currently on parole. 

After an initial investigation, Kidd was suspended when officials learned that he had stayed out by his squad car instead of helping to protect his fellow officers. 

Now the investigation is heating up, and officials say that they’re “swiftly” trying to get through it so they can take firm and final action against the sergeant. 

They say this isn’t the first time his actions led to an officer being hurt or killed. 

Back in 2014, police say that Sgt. Kidd stood by and watched as his female counterpart was brutally beaten by a mentally ill inmate at a detention center lockup. As she was battling for her life, officials say that Kidd just stood there. 

He didn’t even call for help.

He just walked away.

Reports say that Kidd was terminated for the incident, but after brokering a deal with the force, instead served a 65-day suspension before being allowed to return to work.

But here’s the thing — the department chief said that he never authorized that. 

That’s strange, considering his signature was on the deal. 

Police Chief James Craig surmised that Kidd never got the deal approved in a formal matter, and instead took it upon himself to forge the chief’s signature, essentially committing fraud to get himself reinstated on the force. 

Chief Craig said that there were two factors that stood out about the forged signature. First, it didn’t appear to look like his handwriting. And second, his name was signed in purple ink, when Craig maintains that he only ever uses a green pen to sign documents.

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Kidd’s decision could have resulted in the direct loss of Officer McClain’s life.

“I hate to use the word ‘forged’ because that constitutes a crime,” Chief Craig said about the investigation into the false documents. “I would just say that someone signed my name, and it was not my signature. I wouldn’t have entered into that kind of deal, and when I looked at the agreement, someone signed my name agreeing to this.”

Craig said that he remembered the incident where the female officer was beaten, and definitely wouldn’t have signed off on Kidd’s return.

“Someone scrawled a signature, but that absolutely is not my signature. So, I’m trying to find out what happened. I remember vividly of the video of the female officer getting beat up. There’s no way I’d have signed that agreement.”

Craig claims he didn’t even know that Sgt. Kidd was on the force again until he learned of the details behind the murder of Officer McClain. 

While McClain was gunned down, Kidd reportedly “sat in his scout car a block away while you could hear people screaming ‘officer down’ on the radio.”


“It was clear to everyone who reviewed the video that he made no effort to get to the scene and take control,” Craig said. “His response was that he was sitting in his car a block away waiting to see if the suspect came his way. But that’s not acceptable when there’s an officer down.”

Craig continued to lay on the criticism of Kidd’s actions. 

“This kind of behavior is unbecoming of a supervisor,” Craig said.

Craig said that there was body camera footage of the night that McClain was killed, which filled in a lot of the blanks as to what happened, however footage was not being released. Craig did say that Assistant Police Chief James White saw the footage, and he was so angry, he got up and walked out.

The suspect accused of killing McClain is also wanted in connection to a Nov. 18 shooting on the east side of Detroit in which one person was killed and another wounded. In that case, the alleged shooter shot at two men as they were sitting inside a car.

The department is in discussions with the Wayne County Prosecutor regarding the possibility of criminal charges against Kidd, in this case it would be neglect of duty, punishable by less than one year in jail and a $1,000 fine if convicted.

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Source: Chief: Cop who hid while officer was shot and killed lied to get his job back in 2014

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