December 29, 2019
Police Brutality News

Relos want police to foot funeral costs – Post Courier

Relos want police to foot funeral costs – Post Courier

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The family of Nelson Lari, a victim of alleged police brutality along the Poreporena Freeway caught in a video that went viral on social media, are mourning his death.
A relative of the deceased, who wished to remain anonymous, told the media that Lari would not have died if he had not been assaulted by police officers as shown in the video.
The relatives at the Haus Krai at Badili demanded that the police meet the costs of the funeral and repatriation of the body to Wabag, Enga Province, for burial.
Storick Simon, also a victim of the police brutality, said there were five men, including him and Lari, who were beaten by police. The video only captured three men who were assaulted in front of the vehicle (white) the other two were beaten behind the vehicle and were not captured.
Max Lari, Apo Aniki and Rambo Peter are the other victims who are also recovering from injuries sustained.
Fred Tundu, Commander of Zone 1 Moresby South, was present on behalf of the police hierarchy and extended condolences to the family.
“On behalf of Police Commissioner, NCD command we sympathise with the family for the victim’s death” Mr Tundu said.

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Source: Relos want police to foot funeral costs – Post Courier

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