Thrashed by male cops, called Pakistani: Sadaf Jafar …

Thrashed by male cops, called Pakistani: Sadaf Jafar …

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After coming out of jail on Tuesday, Congress worker and social activist Sadaf Jafar has revealed shocking details of alleged cops brutality after she was arrested during the anti-CAA stir. Sadaf Jafar alleged that she was thrashed by male police officers in custody, and was called a Pakistani.

She said, “I was brutally beaten up in police custody at the Mahila police station.Even the male cops had beaten me up. Male police officers kicked me and called me Pakistani. My family was not informed about my arrest.”

Recalling her arrest, Sadaf said, “On December 19 when the violence took place in Lucknow, I was exposing the inaction of the police through a Facebook live. We were peacefully protesting against the CAA which is unconstitutional but the police arrested innocent people including me.”

She said that people who came to ask about her after the arrest were detained at the Hazratganj police station. “My family was not informed about my arrest,” Jafar said.

Launching an attack on the BJP Government, she said, “This government is inhuman. It is trying to create a divide between Hindu and Muslims. UP CM used the word revenge. Is this a kind of language CM of a state should use. The violence was staged by the government. Hundreds of innocents have been framed.”

She also thanked the Congress and Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi for supporting her. She said, “I am grateful to Priyanka Gandhi and Congress party for supporting us. I will continue to fight against the CAA.”

Former IPS officer SR Darapuri who was also released from Lucknow jail on Tuesday said there was no reason to arrest him. “I was accused of posting a comment against the CAA on social media and instigating people which is absolutely wrong. Many innocents have been framed and brutally beaten up by the police. RSS and BJP are responsible for the violence. Our voice cannot be muzzled, we will continue to protest against the CAA,” Darapuri said.

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Source: Thrashed by male cops, called Pakistani: Sadaf Jafar …

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