January 26, 2020
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Rally against alleged police brutality on LI

Rally against alleged police brutality on LI

ROOSEVELT, L.I. — People in Nassau County rallied for a 15-year-old boy they say goes to church, is a Boy Scout and an honor student.

They believe he was assaulted and arrested by county police and want to know why.

Dozens came out on a dreary and rainy Saturday, saying they stand by 15-year-old Ahmad Tillery and his family.

The family took photos

showing some of the teen’s scars after they say he was beaten by the police and wrongfully arrested in connection to the assault of a 32-year-old man on the same day.

The teen and his parents didn’t attend the rally. Their attorney, former Superme Court judge Jerald Carter, says they are traumatized.

“Physically, they’re bruised but mentally, they’re strong.”

The Tillery family says Ahmad and his brother went to Reverend Arthur Mackey Sr. Park Tuesday afternoon, just down the block from where they live. When the teens didn’t answer their phones, they used the tracker on their cell phones and found them at the precinct, where they were being held. They say they were never contacted by anyone from the department.

The Nassau County Police Department maintains excessive force was never used and both teens and their mother signed a document saying they weren’t harmed before they were released from police custody.

The family says they feel Ahmad and his brother were targeted because of the color of their skin. The Tillery family says they want the charges dropped and the officers involved to be fired.

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Source: Rally against alleged police brutality on LI

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