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Police Brutality & Use Of Force: Regaining The Public's Trust | AJ+ Docs

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In the midst of national outrage over police-related deaths, the LAPD invites concerned citizens to its virtual-reality training program on using lethal force, and considers ways to regain the public’s trust.
**Correction: At 02:26 of this documentary, we cite a statistic for “Total violent crimes per year in LA county.” In fact these statistics are for the City of Los Angeles, and not the county. AJ+ regrets this error.

Two other statistics in the film also refer to LA County. The jurisdiction of LAPD is the City of Los Angeles and not the entire county, although LAPD does often work closely with other departments outside of city limits. For clarification:
# of victims of officer-involved shootings in the City of Los Angeles (according to the LA Times):
2004: 18
2005: 14
2006: 15
2007: 20
2008: 21
2009: 11
2010: 17
2011: 30
2012: 17
2013: 13
2014: 17
2015: 8

Brendon “Dizzle” Glenn was the eighth victim of an officer-involved shooting in the City of Los Angeles in 2015.

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