Protesters rally outside Nassau family court, claim police …

Protesters rally outside Nassau family court, claim police …

A rally was held outside Nassau County Family Court this morning stemming from an alleged incident of police brutality.

A Roosevelt couple says their 14- and-15-year-old sons were profiled, falsely accused and physically and emotionally abused last month by police officers while in custody.

Police say the boys were arrested for beating 32-year-old Edil Acosta. They also deny any wrongdoing in the case.

The parents of the two boys announced plans to sue the Nassau County Police Department. Another teen was also arrested in the case.

Acosta spoke with News 12 earlier this month. He says he was punched and beaten up by five teenagers on Jan. 21 on Grant Street in Roosevelt. He got a black eye, scrapes to his hand and an injured knee.

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Acosta says the attack happened in the middle of the day, in his own neighborhood. He says when the five boys started beating him, he was not only scared for his life, but for his family’s lives as well.

He says he was able to run away and call police. Acosta says a short time later, Nassau police were questioning three boys who fit the description he gave them. Acosta was asked to positively identify the boys who beat him.

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Source: Protesters rally outside Nassau family court, claim police …

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