Kennebec County Sheriff: Piscataquis County Sheriff’s …

Kennebec County Sheriff: Piscataquis County Sheriff’s …


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AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) – The Kennebec County Sheriff is agreeing with his counterpart in Piscataquis County over concerns about the blanket use of the words police brutality.

It comes after two local sheriff deputies were hospitalized over the weekend when they were injured while arresting a drunk driver.

The deputies are okay, but will be out of service for a while.

Piscataquis County Sheriff Bob Young shared his thoughts in a lengthy Facebook post Sunday.

Young said the routine OUI arrest turned into a violent confrontation when the suspect decided no one was going to take him to jail.


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In the post, Young addressed that another deputy took a beating in the back of an ambulance from a man who overdosed.

Young said he wrote the post because he’s quote “weary of the current labeling of police officers as being brutal, using unnecessary force and enjoying every moment of it”.

He said the reason they have two deputies down is precisely because there was not any police brutality.

Kennebec County Sheriff, Ken Mason said Young is right on point with the post.

As public safety officers, Mason says their job is to deescalate a bad situation.

And, every time somebody is involved in a use of force, Mason says it must be documented.

“In the correctional facility, just like over here on the street, when they go hands-on and have to wrestle someone to the ground, that has to go onto a report. When they use a taser, that has to go into a use of force report. When a K9 officer deploys his K9 and that K9 has to bite an individual, that is a whole different use of force report because it is surrounding the K9. I think that we really do a great job up here policing ourselves,” explained Kennebec County Sheriff, Ken Mason.

a car parked in a parking lot: Kennebec County Sheriff's Office

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Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office

Mason adds that use of force policies must be reviewed annually, and they are here in Maine.

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